Cloud Computing

In this blog, I will discuss how I understand the SaaS business model adopted by Groupon, the giant in global e-commerce market.

Groupon sells only quality products and services, be honest and direct with customers, and provide exceptional customer service. By surfing on its website, we can find daily deals on the wide variety of products and even services ranging from bed sheets to painting classes.

Groupon adopts the cloud based Saas solution, Zendesk macros, which are predefined answers to FAQs.  These types of macros help Groupon teach its agents to provide one of the signs and symptoms of business customer service: one-touch quality.  By integrating Zendesk with GoodData, Groupon has extended and enhanced its reporting – going well beyond the limits of its old spreadsheets. As an example of the sort of scalability that SaaS brings, Groupon recently processed its millionth customer ticket. Now, Groupon can help more customers with their questions and be able to provide more products and services simultaneously. This saves them time and money, which are crucial for any company and their plan for success.


Cloud security is a sub-domain of computer security, network security, and information security. It refers to a broad range of policies, technologies and controls deployed to protect data, applications and associated infrastructure of cloud computing.

CloudFlare’s Virtual DNS ensures 100% clean traffic. It also offers a wide range of protections against attacks such as DDoS, hacking or spam subject to a blog or comment. What is powerful about the approach of CloudFlare is that the system becomes more sites smartest part of the community. CloudFlare analyzes hundreds of models million visitors in real-time traffic and adapts security systems to ensure a smooth flow passes through and the bad traffic is stopped.


Cloud security architecture is only effective if the correct defensive implementations are in place. An effective cloud architecture Security should recognize the problems that will arise in the security management. Safety management addresses these issues with security. These controls are in place to protect the weaknesses of the system and reduce the impact of an attack. Although there are many types of controls behind a cloud security architecture, they can usually be found in the following categories

To summary Cloud security and privacy protection, I conclude some tips as follows:

1. Avoid storing sensitive information in the cloud.
2. Read the user agreement to find out how your cloud service storage works.
3. Be serious about passwords.
4. Encrypt.
5. Use an encrypted cloud service.



Groupon becomes must have a SaaS reference customer for NetSuite,

Cloud Computing


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