My name is Fred and I am a part time student studying for Master of E-commerce. This is the second time I have been studying at the same faculty of the University of Waikato. I obtained my Bachelor degree of E-Commerce in 2003 and have been working at several manufacturing businesses with an IT role since then. My first job was a junior BA for a local engineering company in Taupo, then I worked as a data analyst at John Deere for many years. Currently, I am an ERP engineer at an air conditioner manufacturer in South Auckland.

I chose MSYS555 because I believe E-business is now everyone’s business. It focuses on the opportunities that IT can provide when private and public organizations interact with their customers, or stakeholders. E-business can provide a new way for businesses of all sizes to create new relationships and extended relational operations based on activity now, website and network. By studying this paper, I would like to learn how companies do plan, implement, and run e-business with customers, suppliers and partners. I would also like to learn how e-business integrates with internal systems such as logistics, operations and finance.



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